Make smarter decisions with easy people analytics.

Recruit, hire, and build high-performing teams with data-driven insights. All within a single safe and easy-to-use platform.

Why Human Panel

Use people analytics to find and retain top talent in your organization.

  • Planning

    Know the headcount, the number of vacancies and job openings to plan your growth and optimize the budget.

  • Talent acquisition

    See which talent drives results. Get access to data on best talent sources and performance of your job offers.

  • Recruitment

    Track cost per hire and time per hire to increase the efficiency of your HR team and recruitment funnel.

  • Retention

    Learn how to keep your top performers. Correlate turnover rate with seniority, department, and compensation.

Our Solutions

Ask questions, get answers. Analyze core HR data on one visual platform.

  • Simple dashboard

    No more spreadsheets. Keep data on your candidates, employees, and contractors neatly organized in one place.

  • Employee profiles

    Browse and filter your employees by their skills and experience. Each person gets a professional profile with employment history.

  • Visualized statistics

    Easily create executive reports with charts and graphs. Increase transparency of your processes and structure.

  • Data security

    Our technology keeps sensitive data secure. You have full control over user roles and permissions.

Reduce guesswork. Make smarter decisions with easy people analytics.