Manage your HR through measurable KPIs.

Human Panel is a people analytics platform that uses your employee data to measure and predict the ROI of your hiring, engagement and retention strategies. 

Make HR strategic, not operational

Are you impatient with HR teams that can’t deliver actionable information and insights?

  • Link HR goals to business KPIs

    People analytics shows you what drives human capital excellence and ROI and how to measure and predict those drivers.

  • Make sense of your employee data

    Know you what to focus on and how to understand the insights you get to make a better sense of data and act on it.

  • Get the story, not just a number

    C-suite leaders understand that people analytics is not simple reporting. It answers questions critical to your business and tells meaningful stories about your employees.

  • Focus on business

    People analytics shifts the focus from HR to the business itself and builds organizational and people capability to deliver the business strategy.

Make data the foundation of your HR

HR can be data-driven. Just like sales, finance or marketing.

  • Get rid of the frustration and guessing

    Use science – rather than hunches or gut feelings – to support the decisions concerning recruitment or retention strategies.

  • Get alerted before problems come up

    You will be notified about people issues you might have otherwise missed, such as higher turnover in a particular group or team.

  • Start acting instead of reacting

    People analytics makes HR provide strategic advice about people elements to the corporate management team.

  • Stop executing HR processes without context

    Data helps you close the gap around business acumen. HR can finally build a strategic vision instead of spending time on operational tasks.

Trusted by top companies

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“Our goal is to become a truly data-driven organization, so our tool stack must reflect that.

I do not doubt that people analytics tools like Human Panel will be the next frontier of acquiring and retaining top employees. 

It seems that the war for talent has just begun, and we need new weapons to win it and accelerate our growth. I hope the Human Panel will also help us excel in our critical values like transparency and strive for excellence.”

Maciej Woźniak, Founder & CEO Whites Agency

Apply surgically precise solutions to your pain points

Forecast the ROI of your HR initiatives.

  • Analyze your talent acquisition

    83% of leaders say they lack the talent they need to achieve strategic KPIs. Don’t be one of them.

  • Measure your employer branding

    Measure the ROI of your employer branding efforts. Strong EB can reduce the cost per hire by 50%.

  • Prevent turnover costs

    In a 150-person company with 11% turnover, the annual turnover costs can reach €1.36m. Learn how to avoid them.

  • Defend your HR budget

    What gets measured gets managed. Back your HR budget with facts and projections, not assumptions.

See the difference with Human Panel

Make the most of your HR data.

  • Integration

    No painful starting point. We import data from any source and take care of all the integrations and automations.

  • Quality data

    Data cleansing is on us. You get a reliable set of qualitative insights ready to operate on.

  • Easy access

    No need to be a data scientist. All dashboards are easily accessible, which means you can share them and collaborate freely.

  • Security

    We act in accordance with the GDPR legislation and ensure the highest grade of protection and control for all data.

Ready to start people analytics with Human Panel?