Get a complete picture of your recruitment program.

Visualize how people join your company in real-time. Find candidates with the highest odds of success and keep track of your recruitment pipeline.

People analytics for talent acquisition

Find and hire the right people
for your team.

Learn how many candidates respond to your job posting on different channels to identify your top talent sources.

See how your job offer performs at each stage of the process and know the acceptance rate.

Discover at which point the candidates resign or are eliminated to manage your recruitment funnel better.

Know how many employees are going to be onboarded. Become aware of areas where staffing is at risk. Filter candidates by seniority, department, status, and recruiter involved in the process.  

People analytics for recruitment

Optimize your recruitment pipeline.

Track time to fill, time per hire, and cost per hire for all candidates with clear charts and graphs.

Analyze the vacancy rate, vacancy costs, and measure the time to productivity of the new hires.

See your recruiting team’s capacity and performance: hires in progress, closings won and lost, and average time spent on each stage of the process.

With our people analytics solution, you can analyze the data within seconds and compare the results to market benchmarks. 

With Human Panel you can track:

  • Cost per hire

    The average cost of hiring a new employee.

  • Time to fill

    Total days to fill requisitions.

  • Candidates profiles

    Filtered by department, status, seniority, recruiter.

  • Vacancy rate

    Total number of vacant positions.

  • Vacancy cost

    Total costs of vacant positions.

  • Recruitment source

    Sources of your candidates.

  • Acceptance rate

    Number of offers accepted, filtered by department and seniority.

  • Resignation & rejection rate

    Number of offers rejected and number of resignations.

  • Recruitment status funnel

    Number of candidates at different stages of recruitment.

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