We bring together all your HR data and visualize it.

You give us raw data from all your HR systems. We take care of implementation and integration, and deliver a final version of your custom people analytics dashboard.

See the difference with Human Panel

Make the most of your HR data.

  • Integration

    No painful starting point. We import data from any source and take care of all the integrations and automations.

  • Quality data

    Data cleansing is on us. You get a reliable set of qualitative insights ready to operate on.

  • Easy access

    No need to be a data scientist. All dashboards are easily accessible, which means you can share them and collaborate freely.

  • Security

    We act in accordance with the GDPR legislation and ensure the highest grade of protection and control for all data.

Our easy 5-step process

How does Human Panel work?

  • We show you our demo

    We schedule a free demo to show you all features and functionalities of Human Panel.

  • We set goals at workshops

    We work together to better understand your organization’s needs and prepare a custom solution.

  • You give us your raw data

    We extract the data points, unify them and integrate them to prepare your Human Panel dashboards.

  • You get a custom people analytics solution

    We deliver you the visualized analytics, dashboards and scorecards you need to effectively achieve your KPIs.

  • We stay in touch.

    We support you after the implementation and help you with any queries and technical issues you have.

What insights do I get with Human Panel?

People analytics turns raw data into insights, giving you a strategic direction based on evidence, rather than guesswork and intuition. Standard Human Panel dashboards include:

Turnover report

Turnover by tenure, job grades, leaders, and departments.

Recruitment report

Candidates’ profiles, recruitment source, offers accepted.

Compensation report

Salaries, benefits, and bonuses by range and department.

Workforce report

Total headcount, headcount change in time, leadership ratio.

Organization structure

Clear and transparent organization chart.


Open positions, workforce growth rate, succession planning.

What makes us unique

Frequently asked questions

  • Is my data safe with Human Panel?

    We act in accordance with GDPR legislation and ensure the highest level of protection for all data. You have full control over access, users and permissions.

  • What do you mean by raw data?

    You can deliver us any data sources you have: spreadsheets, ATS, payroll software, satisfaction surveys or other talent, turnover and productivity data. We’ll take care of extracting it and implementing into Human Panel.

  • Can I add more metrics and custom features?

    Throughout our 5-step process, we work with you to develop a customized solution for your business. We offer a range of standard dashboards, but leave room for flexibility as we are here to help you solve your problems.

  • Do you provide support after the implementation?

    Our team is here for you, whether you need help with a new data source, a change in strategy, or an urgent technical question.

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“Our goal is to become a truly data-driven organization, so our tool stack must reflect that.

I do not doubt that people analytics tools like Human Panel will be the next frontier of acquiring and retaining top employees. 

It seems that the war for talent has just begun, and we need new weapons to win it and accelerate our growth. I hope the Human Panel will also help us excel in our critical values like transparency and strive for excellence.”

Maciej Woźniak, Founder & CEO Whites Agency

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