People analytics platform for your business.

Human Panel is an end-to-end people analytics platform that helps you take control over all HR processes, from talent acquisition to employee performance.

What happens when your HR data is scattered across systems?

You don’t see what works

The lack of correlation between different data points means you can’t forecast the ROI of your HR investments.

You don’t get alerted

Disparate systems make it difficult to identify hot spots. You don’t get notified when an alarming trend emerges.

You don’t achieve your KPIs

Without people analytics, you can’t see the measurable business outcomes that come from HR initiatives.

See the difference with Human Panel

Integration & unification

We aggregate raw data from multiple sources and seamlessly bring it together at one platform. We take care of all the data integrations, automations and algorithms.


You get access to customized data dashboards in an easy-to-navigate platform. No analytical skills needed – all information is presented in clear charts and graphs.

Secure knowledge sharing

You can easily share insights with your teams while we take care of protecting your data. Collaborate freely while controlling who has access to sensitive information.

See all Human Panel features

Increase efficiency of your recruitment funnel

Human Panel Recruitment Dashboard

  • Time to hire and time to onboard

    Measure how long it takes to fill a position and get a new hire productive.

  • Offer acceptance rate

    Track the resignation vs rejection by stage and see how attractive your offers are.

  • Source of hire

    Identify the sources that bring you valuable candidates.

  • Open positions and onboarding

    Visualize how people join your company in real time.

  • Candidates by recruiter

    See who’s most efficient in your recruitment team.

Stop the turnover

Human Panel Turnover Dashboard

  • Turnover

    Track turnover by seniority, department, and compensation. Observe turnover change in time.

  • Turnover by leader

    Discover whether employees leave their job or their leader.

  • Early turnover

    See how many new hires leave the company in a set period of time.

  • Offboarding

    Know how many people leave the company vs new hires onboarding.

  • Staffing at risk

    Analyze who has the highest predicted likelihood to resign. See what attributes lead to higher turnover rate.

The overview of your organization

Workforce & organization charts

  • Organization chart

    Clear and transparent organization chart.

  • Headcount

    See your total headcount and headcount change in time.

  • Contract types

    Know the contract types of your employees.

  • Leaders

    Observe the leadership ratio.

  • eNPS

    Track employee NPS by department, team, and project.

Know your people better

Candidate & employee profiles

  • Demographic Data

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Skills

  • Performance reviews

  • Job & Compensation History

  • Engagement surveys

Trusted by top companies

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“Our goal is to become a truly data-driven organization, so our tool stack must reflect that.

I do not doubt that people analytics tools like Human Panel will be the next frontier of acquiring and retaining top employees. 

It seems that the war for talent has just begun, and we need new weapons to win it and accelerate our growth. I hope the Human Panel will also help us excel in our critical values like transparency and strive for excellence.”

Maciej Woźniak, Founder & CEO Whites Agency

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