Support your HR decisions with data.

Integrate all your HR processes at one intuitive platform. Make informed decisions about your workforce. 

People analytics for your company

How it works

We bring together all of your data in a single centralized, easy-to-navigate HR analytics platform. All of your information is standardized and accessible to anyone you choose – not just your analysts.

You have control over the full employee hire-to-retire cycle in one place. From talent acquisition to the reasons for turnover, Human Panel is the only platform you need to organize your workforce.

We take care of the implementation and integration, providing help at every step of the way.

With Human Panel you get:

  • Turnover report

    Turnover by tenure, job grades, leaders, and departments.

  • Recruitment report

    Candidates’ profiles, recruitment source, offers accepted.

  • Compensation report

    Salaries, benefits, and bonuses by range and department.

  • Workforce report

    Headcount, leaders, eNPS by team, department, and project.

  • Organization structure

    Clear and transparent organization chart.

Trusted by top companies

“Our goal is to become a truly data-driven organization, so our tool stack must reflect that.

I do not doubt that people analytics tools like Human Panel will be the next frontier of acquiring and retaining top employees. 

It seems that the war for talent has just begun, and we need new weapons to win it and accelerate our growth. I hope the Human Panel will also help us excel in our critical values like transparency and strive for excellence.”

Maciej Woźniak, Founder & CEO Whites Agency

Our platform

Reduce guesswork

With instant results, automated data analysis and reports, you can quickly turn insights into actions and make informed decisions immediately.

Simple dashboards replace obscure spreadsheets. Our visualizations of statistics, tables and charts give you more information and transparency about all of your company’s HR operations.

We handle your data with the utmost care and ensure that even the most sensitive data is secure. You have full control over user roles and permissions.

Reduce guesswork. Prove HR impact on revenue.


Plan your workforce

Plan for growth with accurate headcount data. Understand how your workforce impacts your objectives and budget.

  • Headcount

  • Seniority

  • Leaders

  • Organization map

  • Workforce growth rate

  • Compensation costs

  • Employee diversity

  • Employee profiles

  • Career timeline

  • HR cost per employee

  • Succession planning

  • Billable vs non-billable roles

Talent acquisition

Find and hire the best talent

Visualize how people join your company in real-time. Find candidates with the highest odds of success and keep track of your recruitment pipeline.

  • Open positions

  • Onboarding

  • Offers accepted

  • Offer acceptance rate

  • Vacancy rate

  • Alternative costs of vacancies

  • Time to hire

  • Cost per hire

  • Vacancy rate

  • Effectiveness of recruitment funnel

  • Recruitment sources

  • Resignation and rejection rates


Keep your top employees.

Get qualitative insights into retention and turnover rates. Retain your top talent and reduce the cost of replacing employees who leave. 

  • Turnover rate

  • Turnover by tenure

  • Turnover by seniority

  • Turnover cost

  • Retirement

  • Absence rate

  • Performance

  • Potential

  • Goal tracking

  • Leadership

  • Overtime hours

  • Training Investment

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