Manage your compensation budget efficiently.

Get an overall view of compensation across your organization. Allocate your budget to the most effective tactics and strategies.

People analytics for budget management

Organize your compensation data.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Collect salary, benefit, and reward data in a single source of truth. Track changes in direct compensation costs and see how much you spend on bonuses and benefits.

Easily create compensation reports based on salary ranges, departments, and seniority. 

Balance your billable and non-billable employees to optimize the budget. 

Manage your benefits and bonus budget. Learn how much is being spent on bonuses and track employee benefit cost trends. 

People analytics for pay equity

Recalibrate your pay bands.

Learn which lines of business have the highest direct compensation and benchmark your company against the market. 

Rank all employees and see how they are paid compared to others. Discover the salary ranges of your highest performers. 

Monitor salary differences and identify any disparities in advance to fairly compensate employees regardless of age, gender, and ethnicity.

Secure your data. With Human Panel, you have full control over access to all sensitive information.

With Human Panel you can track:

  • Salary by ranges

  • Salary by department

  • Benefits & rewards by department

  • Market benchmarks

  • Total compensation costs

  • Costs of benefits

  • Costs of bonuses

  • Billable vs non billable employees

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