Keep your top employees.

Get qualitative insights into retention and turnover rates. Retain your top talent and reduce the cost of replacing employees who leave. 

People analytics for engagement

Anticipate disruptions in your workforce.

Analyze who has the highest predicted likelihood to resign and track the experience and skills of employees leaving your organization. See what attributes lead to higher turnover rate. 

Use the data to master your promotion and succession plans and address compensation or engagement issues. 

Identify disruptions and worrisome trends early so that you can be proactive instead of reactive. Apply precise solutions when and where necessary. 

With people analytics, you will make smarter decisions based on data rather than feelings, and develop motivated and productive teams.

With Human Panel you can track:

  • Turnover rate

    Total % of separations within the organization.

  • Voluntary turnover

    The turnover rate including only the employees who voluntarily leave the organization.

  • Turnover cost

    Total costs of separation, vacancy, and replacement.

  • Turnover by seniority

    Voluntary turnover by position and seniority.

  • Talent turnover rate

    The turnover among the highers-performing and highest-potential employees.

  • Early turnover

    Percentage of recriuts leaving the first year.

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