Discover why people leave.

Get qualitative insights into the reasons for turnover. Retain your top talent and reduce the cost of replacing employees who leave. 

People analytics for employee retention

Reduce turnover.

Get key insights into the turnover rate and turnover costs in your organization. See how many employees are leaving and how many are currently on notice. 

Discover the real reasons behind employee attrition. Track turnover by leader, seniority, position, department, and compensation to draw conclusions and monitor trends. 

See the turnover rate among the organization’s highest-performing and highest-potential employees.

All data is automatically analyzed and presented in charts, graphs, and tables to ensure intuitive navigation so that you could easily create powerful reports with visualized content. 

People analytics for engagement

Anticipate disruptions in your workforce.

Analyze who has the highest predicted likelihood to resign and track the experience and skills of employees leaving your organization. See what attributes lead to higher turnover rate. 

Use the data to master your promotion and succession plans and address compensation or engagement issues. 

Identify disruptions and worrisome trends early so that you can be proactive instead of reactive. Apply precise solutions when and where necessary. 

With Human Panel you can track:

  • Turnover rate

  • Voluntary turnover

  • Turnover cost

  • Early turnover

  • Regrettable and Non-regrettable leaves

  • Turnover by seniority

  • Turnover by leader

  • Turnover by job grade

  • Turnover by department

  • Upcoming offboardings

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