Plan with context.

Plan for growth with accurate headcount data. Understand how your workforce impacts your objectives and budget. 

People analytics for workforce planning

Build your future teams.

Organize your workforce data to know what your headcount is, how many open positions you have, and how much they cost you. 

See how many employees you need to complete scheduled projects. Know recruitment costs and time to fill positions to forecast conceivable outsourcing and decide whether to hire externally or promote employees internally.

Compare billable and non-billable employees to increase the cost-effectiveness of your projects. Create new roles and merge and restructure teams for better performance. 

People analytics for growth

Plan your expansion.

Shape your growth policy with people analytics. Design expansion and diversification plans with data-driven insights into the structural impact of your decisions. Measure how planned initiatives impact your KPIs and budget.

Create succession plans and understand the impact of change in your organization.

Build more diverse teams with easy access to data. Track diversity trends and compare them to market benchmarks to create a modern, inclusive workplace.

Ready to start people analytics with Human Panel?

With Human Panel you can track:

  • Headcount

    Total headcount with employee profiles.

  • Careers development

    Promotion and career development planning for your workforce.

  • Workforce growth rate

    How fast is your workforce growing.

  • Turnover rate

    Total % of separations within the organization.

  • Vacancy rate

    Total number of vacant positions.

  • Open positions

    Open job positions filtered by seniority and department.

  • Recruiting cost ratio

  • Succession planning

  • Expansion and diversification plans

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