Tidio leads the way in acquiring IT talent and designing great career paths. Meet Paulina Urban, Tech Talent Acquisition Specialist at Tidio, who shares some tips on recruiting the best people. 

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Tidio is one of the hottest names in the IT industry in Poland. The company helps small and medium businesses by providing them with customer experience tools. Its flagship product is a live chat app powered by chatbots and used by millions of users worldwide. Tidio’s ultimate goal is clear: to become a unicorn, a startup valued at over $1bn. 

Currently, Tidio is over 100 people strong and plans to hire at least twice as many by the end of 2022. The company offers great career opportunities. But how do you do that in a highly competitive IT market

Here are five insights from Paulina Urban, Tech Talent Acquisition Specialist at Tidio:

Tidio – Process first

A very well-structured talent acquisition process serves as the foundation of daily work at Tidio. We follow a clear pattern that starts with screening candidates based on their resumes. Then, we schedule a call to present Tidio’s mission and vision and assess whether someone is a good fit for the company. 

We defined our most important qualities that we look for in every candidate, such as passion and ambition. For us it’s crucial to find people who like what they do and proactively gain new skills, to develop their careers at Tidio.

The next step is a tech meeting to review the applicant’s skills and experience. After that, we give our applicants an assignment to do, and once it’s done, we discuss the results together with the candidate and our tech leaders. 

What’s crucial, at Tidio we provide feedback at every step of the process. If we decide to reject someone at the initial screening stage, we tell the candidate why. If the candidate doesn’t complete the process, we schedule a phone call to explain the reasons and provide evidence-driven feedback. In addition, we always ask the candidate for feedback and encourage open discussion. 

Precise job offers

We take time to craft our job offers to make the most out of them. First and foremost, we explain who we are and what we want to achieve. 

Secondly, we clearly articulate the responsibilities and requirements of Tidio jobs, so that the applicant knows what their job will look like. When someone applies for a particular position, we show them precisely what tools and infrastructure we work with. 

Last but not least, we always state the competitive salary range and benefits.

Tidio carreers opportunities photo

Data-driven sourcing

None of our job listings is random – where we post them isn’t random either. We track and measure conversion rates and can determine which sources bring Tidio the best candidates who suceed in their careers.

Data analytics is critical here because it helps us optimize costs and avoid ineffective talent sourcing. This way, we acquire fewer resumes, but they are a much better fit. 

At Tidio, we also track data within our organization and recruiting pipelineto identify any disruptive signals and respond on time. 

Patience and culture fit

What really matters to Tidio is a candidate’s cultural fit and soft skills. We want to hire people who will contribute to our development and growth and stand by our values. We want our people to grow with us and have successful careers at Tidio – we provide them with the annual budget for training and we look for candidates with the constant need for learning. 

For this reason, we are willing to wait for a perfect match, and we don’t let time dictate our recruiting. Since we are a mature and conscious organization, we try to take a comfortable approach for both parties. 

Unique Tidio product

The people who work for us share a passion for our product, and that’s no accident. I’d say that this is our most significant advantage – that Tidio is a startup that builds its own product. After a few rounds of investment, we are 100-percent financially independent, which contributes to everyone’s peace and comfort. 

All this – accurate job postings, carefully matched sources, a structured process, salaries above the market standard, and a unique product – makes us a company that hires experts in their field. Our employees share their passion, ambition, and creative thinking with us, helping us build a healthy and strong organization. 

Thanks to these values and a decision-making process based on data, we truly work with the best. 

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